The Why Institute

Individual Freedom & Humanity

"Why do you wake up every day?" - @TheWhyMan

Humanity and Global warming are intricately linked. If we fail to protect our planet, there may be no way Humanity can survive. We have chosen to dig up accessible energy sources and cause immense environmental damage. Now, mother earth is speaking out loudly. Our scientists alert us that there is no turning point if the earth's temperatures increase by 1.5 degrees (i.,e ~2030 to be carbon neutral).

"Why are we looking for other planets that may not be fully suitable for us; 

instead of preserving the most beautiful one that we already have?" - David Attenborough

"This melted my jewel of harmony (My 7yr son's reference to my heart), and I am one of those who cried along, 

and I said to myself that I would do something about it, 

not just say that others will do something"!